DIY Package

Ideal for people who can run their own event (Including shopping for food) Great for birthday parties, graduations, gym celebrations, school events

Includes one or two bike blenders with jugs, recipes and delivery.

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Full Pedal Package

Perfect for large to small indoor and outdoor events. This package is best if you would like for us to run your event for you!

Includes up to three blender bikes (depending on your crowd size), blender jugs, fruit smoothies for the amount of guest in your event, our colorful marquee (if outside), table, one or two energetic Pedal Power Entertainment staff and delivery, set up/pack up.

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Ice Cream Social Package

Ice cream will always be an awesome crowd pleaser. Our Ice Cream blender blends about 1.5 gallons of ice cream every 20 minutes. This activity is a great team building exercise, or great for fairs, concerts, conventions, school activity, trade shows, farmers market, and summer camps.  Our Ice Cream Social Package is a hit at events year-round, indoors or out.  1 hour of blending yields 4.5 gallons!

Includes an ice cream blender, ingredients for ice cream, biodegradable bowls, our marquee (if outdoors) our energetic staff to run the event, delivery, set-up/pack-up.

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Soup and Salad Bar Package

Our soup and salad bar package is a fun and exciting activity to teach people how to make easy soups and salad dressings on our bike blender. This interactive activity is great for cooking demos, educational workshops, or anything to teach people about healthy eating and cooking!

Includes our bike blender, ingredients to make the soup and salad dressings, a full-service salad bar, utensils, staff members to facilitate the demo and serve the clients, delivery and set-up/pack-up.

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