Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to make a smoothie?

It only takes 30 seconds to pedal a drink. Its tons fun and super easy for the young and old!

Does Pedal Power Events work better indoors or outdoors?

Pedal Power Entertainment is great for both outdoor or indoor events. We bring everything we need to operate a smooth and successful events.

Do you have kids sized bikes available?

Yes! All of our blender bikes are perfect for kids 6 and up (depending on their height).

Can customers make their own drinks?

Yes! In fact, we encourage our customers to blend their own- it is more exciting and engaging that way. Almost anyone can use the bike blenders- children aged six and above, teenagers and adults. Our staff are also peddlers if you would like us to lend a leg at any time too.

How many smoothies can you make?

This depends on how many people there are and how many staff and bikes you have. Each event is different but as a guide; we can typically cater for 250 people in two-three hours with 2 staff and 2-3 blender bikes. If you are unsure of how many drinks you need please give us a call and we can guide you.

How does booking and invoicing work?

To confirm your booking please complete our booking form. We will check our availability and confirm your booking by email within 24hr. We typically book out in the warmer months so it is best to book in early to reserve your bikes! Invoices will be issued once the booking form has been received. Payment and cancellation terms are described in our Terms and Conditions found at the bottom of the booking form page.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes. We implement a range of policies and procedures to ensure our bike blenders are as safe as possible for our customers and for members of the public. We have public liability insurance cover for up to $1 million and can send you a copy if you request it in your booking.